10 Essential Blackjack Tips


Fortunately for the player, it's not hard to find out and play correct blackjack strategy. Your success in blackjack should increase tremendously if you follow a few basic tips.

1. Learn the Rules

You should of course start by learning the rules of blackjack. Before you do anything else, make sure you are familiar with splitting, doubling down, taking insurance etc.

2. Learn the Basic Strategy

You can get a basic blackjack strategy chart right here at CasinoToplists. Get it, learn it and know it. If you can't remember all the details, print out a copy or have it open in a separate window when playing online.

3. Practice For Free

Before you decide to make a real money deposit, make sure you practice with free blackjack first. Most online casinos have play-money games that are perfect for the aspiring blackjack player.

4. Use Blackjack Tools

We have created a tool that makes learning blackjack a whole lot easier. Play the game in our blackjack trainer and the coach will instantly alert you if you’re making any mistakes.

5. Sign up with a Well-Reputed Blackjack Site

Most online casinos are fair and will pay out winnings, bonuses and so on, but unfortunately, not all of them are. The casinos listed her are all tested and have good reputation. Choose one of them.

6. Know the Game Rules

There are many versions of blackjack in online casinos – Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Spanish 21, European Blackjack and so on. Make sure you now the specific rules for any individual game before you sit down at the table.

7. Know Your Bankroll

Even if you're playing correctly, the House has a slight edge. Furthermore, short-term swings can make it seem like the odds are much more against you. Play with a large bankroll – relative to the limit you have chosen. Give the odds a chance to swing back and get you even or even ahead.

8. It Is the Long Run that Matters

You’ll often make decisions according to the basic-blackjack strategy just to find out that you would’ve won if you would’ve gone against it. This doesn’t mean that you made a mistake. Try to think of your blackjack session in terms of your odds over all the hands you will play, not what will happen on any individual hand.

9. Know When to Walk Away

Most of us have been there. A Gambling session ends and you realize that you didn’t stick to your original plan. You lost more than your limit. Always decide how much you’re willing to lose if the luck is against you and always walk away when that happens.

10. Have Fun or Quit

Playing blackjack is supposed to be entertaining. You should be able to lose without your “normal” life falling apart. Online gaming is a wonderful pastime, but if you for some reason feel that it isn’t, just quit.

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