Building a Craps Bankroll

If you're a craps player, or you're interested in becoming one, playing craps online may be the way to go. But can you build a bankroll in this game?

When you play online, you can learn or improve at the game without the interruptions and distractions common to a live casino.

Roll of Money

Pass and Don’t Pass

If you're looking to build a bankroll playing craps online, stay away from all the fancy side bets and proposition bets.

Sure these bets offer big payoff odds, but the fact is that the more tempting the odds look in a casino game, the bigger the house edge tends to be.

For your best chance of building that bankroll, bet pass or don't pass (or come or don't come) with the true odds. The pass and come bets by themselves have a house edge of less than two percent, while adding the true odds can drop the House edge below one percent.

Place and Buy Bets

If you must play something other than the pass line bets, consider placing or buying specific numbers.

A place bet is a straight bet for even money on a number that has not been established as a point, while a buy bet is the same, but you get the true odds if you hit, and you pay a five percent commission for the privilege.

The way the odds shake out, if you want a specific number, you should always place it unless you want the 4 or the 10, in which case buying is your better option.

If you'd like to compare the odds and payouts of all craps bets, go to our article about craps strategy.

Online Craps Bonuses

The reality is that even a half a percent edge to the House means that in the long term, the house will come out ahead. The only way to truly combat this is to take advantages of an online craps bonus.

A bonus adds money to your online craps account, building your bankroll.

This will gain you some extra money and with some luck – just like in every casino game you’ll need luck – you might be able to build a bankroll playing craps.

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