Card Counting Coach

Blackjack online is one of the famous casino games and one good thing about this game is that although it is partly strategic and partly luck based game yet it can be beaten. One of the best ways in order to beat the house at blackjack is by having the ability to count cards perfectly. By counting cards, we do not mean that the players have to keep a track of every single card in the deck but it means that the players need to look at the average value of the cards which remains in the deck. All this can be done silently in your head if you are a smart player and the criteria is through card counting.

Keeping Record of Your Cards

It is must to keep record of High and low cards which are remaining in the deck. In short if we talk about it then the high cards are the good cards which player needs and these are bad as far as the house is related. This means that if there are many high cards in the deck then it is quite likely that the dealer will go on for seventeen’s and it is possible that the dealer will bust out. You can easily defend yourself against the house if you do a little bit of card counting in your head. This art of counting cards is quite an exciting and thrilling experience which the players can have while playing blackjack. You must go through the card counting coach and learn how counting of cards is done in online blackjack.

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