Online Baccarat 2017 Guide - The Ins & Outs of the Game

Online Baccarat 2017 Guide - The Ins & Outs of the Game

Online Baccarat is a quick-paced, thrilling casino table game enjoyed by gamesters the world over. It’s a game of pure chance, which makes it fun and exciting, and it offers very good odds as far as casino games go. Early variants of the game have been dated back millennia, but a more recognisable version for those who’ve played the modern form dates back to 15th Century Italy.

 Baccarat’s introduction to the United States’ casinos cemented the game’s place among the most popular casino games in the world and with the introduction of online gaming, Baccarat was further popularised and commercialised, thereby ensuring that the game is here to stay by transforming it from a game exclusive to high-rollers, to one that is widely accessible and affordable to the masses. Baccarat is extremely easy to learn and play and while it’s not a game that the vast majority of casino game players play, it’s certainly one that’s got a cult following, and a large one at that. Baccarat enthusiasts will not normally try their hands at anything else. Those who don’t like to wreck their brains thinking about complex strategies and formulae, but like to have a punt while sitting back in a tranquil setting tend to love a game of Baccarat. This is because the game doesn’t even require players’ undivided attention and focus. It’s played in accordance with a set of strict rules and is based on pure chance, so once a player has placed his/her bet, all that is felt for him/her to do is wait for an outcome.

What should you know about Baccarat ? 

Baccarat is a typical High Roller Casino game. 

The Game's Rules are very simple to learn once you learn the terms used in playing the game. 

You always play against the house rather than other players whilst playing Baccarat.

Why play Online Baccarat?

online baccaratThere are many reasons why one would choose to play Baccarat online as opposed to playing in a land-based casino. Firstly, there’s the associated accessibility to playing online. At land-based casinos, Baccarat has typically been associated with high stakes, unaffordable to most. The world of online casinos has opened the game to the masses and one may play for relatively low stakes. Then there’s the convenience associated with playing any casino game online. The fact that you don’t have to put on your Sunday best and physically head to a casino, which may be miles away, is a massive plus for those choosing to play online. Simply wear whatever you feel comfortable in, log on to your casino account and start placing bets.

There’s no having to buy drinks, pressure to tip the croupier, or any of the many supplementary demands for you to spend money when playing online. For all you novices out there, the only way you’re going to learn how to play Baccarat in a land-based casino is by being thrown in the deep end. This can be a very costly affair. Through playing online, beginners are able to learn the ropes while staking little or no cash at all. Fat chance trying to get a croupier in an online casino to explain how the game of Baccarat is played; right here at Casino Toplists, you can learn everything you need to know to master the game and you can keep all he information at arm’s length while you play.

In fact, you can even try your hand at our Free Online Baccarat game. The bonuses offered to Baccarat players by online casinos make for another advantage of playing online. What’s the most you’re going to get at a land-based casino? Perhaps a free drink and some nibbles. The best online casino’s offer several types of bonuses and tie them to Baccarat. We will come to the best places to play Baccarat online shortly. Last but not least, the myriad banking options offered by casinos online mean that Online Baccarat players don’t have to queue to exchange chips for cash and vice-versa.

Where can I play Online Baccarat?

Although Baccarat is among the most popular casino games out there, it is not one you would find in any casino. Locating the right Online Baccarat game and online casino for you is of utmost importance as it may increase your chances to win. Finding the right casino means a number of things, such as choosing one with a relatively small commission that uses as small a number of decks. These are factors that lower the house edge and increase your chances to win. The best Baccarat games take as low as a 4% commission and use no more than 6 decks of cards in a shoe. It is important for aspiring players to learn these things and more about a casino before opening an online account. Sometimes, locating such information prior to playing may be a little daunting. For information as to the best places to play Baccarat online, check out our Casino Reviews page, where we do all the dirty work for you.

How do I play Online Baccarat?

Baccarat is played in rounds referred to as ‘coups’. Prior to the dealing of any cards, each player is asked to place one of three bets; the player bet, the banker bet or a stand-off (or tie) bet. If the player guesses right, he/she will win at a ratio of 1:1 when betting on the banker or player hands and 8:1 or 9:1 when betting on a stand-off (depending on the casino).

This may sound strange, but Baccarat is one of the few casino games to which players do not have to know the rules to play. It doesn’t make a difference whether you’re a seasoned pro or a total novice; Baccarat is played in accordance with a stringent set of pre-determined rules, so the player has no decisions to make following the placing of bets and does not influence the game’s outcome.

Having said that, there is little sense to playing a game when you have no clue what’s going on is there? It is always advisable for players to learn the rules of the game and Casino Toplists brings you a dedicated page of Baccarat Rules for your convenience. Here, you will learn all you need to know about how Baccarat is played, the card values in Baccarat, the obstinate dealing procedure involved, the different bets a player can make and the house edge associated with each of those bets.

Online Baccarat Strategy

Seeing as the player’s only decision is taken at the betting stage, before the cards are dealt, Baccarat strategy is all about the bet one makes. Should you bet on the player or the banker? Perhaps you think the outcome would be a tie? Through Casino Toplists’ Baccarat Strategy, aspiring players may learn all about the best strategy to maximise winnings and trim the house edge when playing Online Baccarat. We also take you through Online Baccarat betting systems, lay down tips on how to manage your money, analyse whether or not card counting is worthwhile and take you through an informative account of the history of the game of Baccarat.

Baccarat Variants

While some are certainly more popular than others, there are several variants of the popular game of Baccarat. Here at Casino Toplists, you will find information as to each of the most popular variants of the game and the main differences between the varieties.    


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