Online Blackjack 2017 Guide - The Card Game Explained

Online Blackjack is one of the most popular and widely recognised games in the world of online gaming. It has been around as long as online casino gaming has and is a standard offering in any online casino worth its salt. One of the main reasons behind the game’s popularity is the favourable house edge that the game offers when compared to other online casino games, but this is only the case if the player abides by a sound strategy, making the right moves at the right time. There are numerous other reasons behind Online Blackjack’s widespread popularity, including the simplicity of its rules, its adaptability to being played as a live dealer variant and the level of player interaction and decision making it involves. In this comprehensive guide, you will find all the information you need to get well acquainted with the timeless classic that is Online Blackjack. 


What should you know about Online Blackjack ? 

Blackjack is a classic card game which involves both luck as well as strategy. 

Fundamentally, the aim of the game is to beat the dealer by obtaining a blackjack, 21 or at least obtaining a score which is close to 21. 

You'll find many different variants of Blackjack in its Classic form.

What's so special about Online Blackjack?

Blackjack is a treasured game whether it’s played online or not but there are differences to the two variants and they are mostly to do with the ambience and experience associated with each. There are some outmoded Blackjack enthusiasts who like to harp on about the ‘real’ feel of an extravagant brick and mortar-type casino, with its accompanying lights, sounds, smells and characters. To your average modern-day Blackjack devotee however, these may serve as sheer distractions, which playing Blackjack online simply does not entail. Are you a smoker? No problem; smoke away. Are you bothered by cigarette smoke? Not a problem either; you dictate the smoking rules in your own home and if you’re playing on a mobile device, simply walk to a smoke-free area.   

online blackjack Playing online also saves players much effort, time and money, as it does not necessitate that one leaves the comfort of his/her own home to play a few hands. It doesn’t require dressing up, commuting, looking for a parking spot and physically locating a free chair at an available table in one’s price-range, all of which may be distressing and quite off-putting.

Are you new to the game and would like to take a stab at playing against real opponents with no (or very low) stakes? Playing Blackjack online facilitates this, with a countless amount of tables offering minimum bets as low as a few cents and others on which players stake no cash at all. Blackjack newbies need not feel as intimidated when playing online as they might in a regular casino either; online anonymity means that they don’t have to worry about being bullied into being quicker at decision making, or having any of their decisions mocked or sneered at.

Finally, playing Blackjack online allows players to access some added features that are simply not accessible when playing in a regular casino. Players may view their entire betting history, winnings, losses, past hands and much more in almost every online casino out there. 

Where can I play Online Blackjack?

You would be hard put to find an online casino that doesn’t offer its patrons any variant of Online Blackjack. It’s a standard classic, known to and loved by almost all casino enthusiasts. But there are indeed variations on the game and while some are more popular than others, different casinos offer different variants. Different casinos also dictate slightly different game rules to one another, but with the elevated pace at which Blackjack is typically played, with players sometimes playing several hands a minute, miniscule differences may tip the balance from a profit to a loss and vice-versa.  It is therefore advisable for players to examine the rules and variants abided by and offered by the casino of their choice prior to opening an online casino account. Better yet, avoid the hassle and save yourself the time; just take a look at Casino Toplists’ Casino Reviews page.

How do I play Online Blackjack?

Learning how to play the game of Blackjack is a fairly straightforward, speedy affair. Becoming a successful Blackjack player however, requires more than simply knowing the rules. As stated above, Online Blackjack may offer players a favourable edge, but this requires a sound strategy. We will come to that shortly; before we do, a few words about the importance of learning the Online Blackjack rules and gameplay.   

The game’s objective is to get a value for each hand that is higher than the dealer’s hand value without exceeding 21 (or going ‘bust’). Unlike many other casino games, which require little from the player other than to blindly hope that lady luck is on his/her side, Online Blackjack requires the player to take a number of decisions that have a major bearing on the outcome of each and every round. Of course, it is highly advisable for anyone looking to try their hand at a game of Blackjack to get well acquainted with all the decisions one may make. If the terms ‘soft hand’, ‘hole card’, ‘double down’, ‘shoe’ and ‘bust’ mean little to you, we suggest that you take a good look at our Blackjack Rules page to get informed about everything you need to know pertaining to how to play Online Blackjack. 

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If you would like to try online casino blackjack without running the risk of losing your own money we recommend learning the ropes with our fun and useful blackjack trainer, which will guide you through the best actions to take at the table.

The online blackjack trainer works just as a regular game, but as soon as you make a mistake, it tells you what you should have done and how you should improve your strategy.

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It’s all about the strategy...

online blackjack strategiesIn any game of Blackjack, strategy will make or break you. It is only through a sound strategy that players may take advantage of the <1% house edge that the game can offer; a house edge that few other games can top. So, when playing Online Blackjack, you would want to lower the house advantage consistently. In order to help you do this, Casino Toplists has created a Blackjack Strategy page, complete with strategy charts for your convenience. We highly recommend that players unfamiliar with the game’s basic strategy study this page with a proverbial fine tooth comb; you certainly stand to gain from it. And here’s another major benefit of playing Blackjack online; until playing with a perfect strategy becomes second nature to you, keep our Blackjack Strategy Charts open on a separate tab on your browser and refer to them in-game!

Pontoon, Switch, Surrender…

Contrary to popular belief, there are many variations of the adaptable game of Blackjack out there. Casino Toplists takes you through some of the most widely played Blackjack Variations on the web and explains what one can expect from each. We present the games, teach you the rules and strategies, and guide you to the best sites offering these variants online.

Keep an eye out for bonuses!

Playing Blackjack online can also pay a player because of the several different bonuses that many online casinos attach to the game. Be sure to review whether any casino you choose to play Online Blackjack at offers any bonuses and to examine the details pertaining to each bonus offered. Some are certainly more generous than others. Does this sound too daunting and time-consuming a task for you? Never fret, Casino Toplists offers you a detailed guide to everything bonuses; on our Top Bonus Casinos page, you will find information as to what to look for, how to find the best bonuses, how to get the best new player bonuses, the different bonus types, how to clear an online bonus, how to best exploit favourable bonus deals, and much, much more!

So be sure to take your time to explore our site to its fullest to learn everything you need to know about Online Blackjack, up your game and discover the best places to play! 

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