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Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games. Playing it online lets you experience the exact same thrills and potential to win big money as if you were sitting in a Las Vegas casino - minus the smoke and having to tip the dealer and cocktail waitress. Here you'll find a complete guide to playing online blackjack, including strategy guides, tips, and rules.


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3. Grand Parker Casino

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An Introduction to Blackjack Online

Blackjack, when played correctly, is a casino game where players can make the house edge very small. Online blackjack is challenging enough to keep one's mind occupied with enough of an element of luck to keep you guessing and entertained throughout.

Make sure you study the rules of the game as well as the basic blackjack strategy before you make a first deposit and hit the tables. In doing so, you will play blackjack online with a house advantage below the one-percent mark – an edge very few casino games can compete with.  

If you don't know how to play the game, on the other hand, the house edge grows considerably and you become a huge underdog.


One reason blackjack is so popular is that with proper strategy the house edge is very small, making it one of the best casino games to play. Be sure to study the rules of the game and learn basic blackjack strategy before you make a first deposit and hit the tables.

If you combine basic strategy with a generous signup bonus, it can often be profitable to play blackjack online. Check our rankings and reviews for the best places to play Blackjack online.

Further down on this page, you'll find a blackjack-strategy article that goes through everything you need to know to play perfect blackjack.


Blackjack can be found at almost any Internet casino.

Some casinos offer different versions of blackjack and use slightly different rules as far as what cards you can double down on and how many times you can split, so it can definitely pay off to spend some time reading reviews.

Small edges can add up in a fast-paced game like blackjack where you play hundreds of hands in a session, so be sure you’re playing the best game when you take your seat at the table.

If you're interested in other types of blackjack, we guide you to other blackjack variations in the article below.


The good news is that it's very easy to learn to play blackjack. We've prepared an in-depth blackjack rules page with all the information you'll ever need to win at online Blackjack.

You can also print out our blackjack strategy chart.

A chart like this is always good to have available for consultation when playing blackjack online - it will almost certainly increase your chances of winning. The strategy guide is designed to lower the house edge as much as possible and has been tested and is guaranteed to offer you the best shot at profiting at the blackjack table.


If you would like to try online casino blackjack without running the risk of losing your own money we recommend learning the ropes with our fun and useful blackjack trainer, which will guide you through the best actions to take at the table.

The online blackjack trainer works just as a regular game, but as soon as you make a mistake, it tells you what you should have done and how you should improve your strategy.

Once you've learned the basics you can move on to our free blackjack and try your luck with a virtual bankroll.


Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City, and other casinos throughout the world. The same is true of the online version as well.

Not only can you be doubling down and splitting aces in a matter of seconds, but playing blackjack online also lets you enjoy blackjack bonus offers that can turn a small loss into a winning session, so be sure to read our reviews and rankings to make sure you take advantage of all the great deals out there.

Visit our Casino reviews for the best places to play Blackjack online.

Blackjack Rules


The rules of blackjack are quite straightforward. Your main goal is to get a hand value closer to 21 compared to the dealer’s hand – without going over 21. In this section we go through the basics of blackjack and suggest some further reading about blackjack strategy. If you don’t know the blackjack rules, we strongly suggest that you read this article before sitting down at a real-money blackjack table – online or in a live casino. If you don’t, chances are that you’ll make many costly mistakes.

Blackjack Rules

Blackjack Strategy


If you want to lower the house advantage as much as possible, and consequently, increase the chance of winning, you’ll have to learn the basic blackjack strategy. In doing so, blackjack will become a game with very player-friendly odds. Here we go through the basic strategy, which tells you what to do in every situation you can find yourself in. We also give you some more reading suggestions on how to fine tune your game and how to make blackjack even more enjoyable.

Blackjack Strategy

Virtual Blackjack Coach

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With our unique blackjack trainer you’re be able to play free blackjack – a game designed to resemble what you find in online casinos – while you get instant coaching. You’ll start with a $500 bankroll and can bet how much you want to, but as soon as you make a mistake, the software will tell you what you did wrong and what the perfect move according to the basic blackjack strategy would have been. This is a fun and easy way to learn how to play perfect blackjack.

BlackJack Trainer

Blackjack Variations

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A lot of players think that blackjack is only one game. But in fact there are a number of different blackjack variations with different rules and different strategies. If you’re interested in trying one of the more exotic blackjack variations, we suggest that you take a look at them here. We present the games, teach you the rules and strategies, and guide you to sites that offer these games online. The thing is, blackjack is a lot more than you might have thought.

Blackjack Variations

Blackjack News

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  • Maine Casinos Set to Add Table Games

    25 November 2011

    Casinos in Maine have been offering slots for more than 6 years but are now poised to be able to offer blackjack, craps, and poker with a recent vote passed in favor of expanding to table games in some counties.

  • US House Panel to Examine Online Gambling

    24 October 2011

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