Slot Machine Software

So which casino has the best slots software?

That question is a little tricky to answer; different slots platforms have their own unique qualities and game portfolios.

Which one is best is simply a matter of taste.

Some sites have a wide range of classic machines, perfect for the more orthodox slots players. Others have movie-based slot machines, which sometimes resemble video games more than the steel box invented in the late 19th century.

Some slots providers have a big variety of bonus-feature machines – packed with scatters, free spins and bonus rounds – while others have progressive games with jackpots reaching life-changing amounts.

Here we’re going to look at the pieces of slots software available online and analyze the pros and cons of these platforms.

We will also present the flagship machines; the best machines offered in different categories.

MicroGaming Slot Machines

If you look for huge progressive jackpots, Microgaming slots are the best. The first progressive machine, Car Splash, was introduced as early as 2002, and since then the jackpots have grown tremendously. Over the last few years, Microgaming sites have always paid out over $200 million to lucky slots players around the globe. However, there are more machines than just progressives. Microgaming’s portfolio includes a wide range of classic machines as well as modern video slots.  

MicroGaming Slots


PlayTech Slot Machines

At the moment, there are 50 different slots available with a mixed bag of themes and features. The primary category of machines is video slots, characterized by a large number of pay lines, advanced graphics and possible bonus features like free spins. If you look for advanced games with movie-like themes, Playtech casinos are probably the best casino destination – perfect for players who look for more than just three reels and one pay-line. Playtech is always in the frontline of slots technology.

PlayTech Slots


Vegas Technology Slot Machines

Vegas Tech offers a range of very interesting slots with nice winning chances. In addition to about 60 different video slots and classic slots, you have the opportunity to partake in slot tournaments in Vegas Tech's software. It's one of the best software platforms if you want to play tournaments with large prize pools. In these events, you will compete against other slots players from all over the world and the player who’s best (or is most lucky perhaps) can rake in a sizable first prize.

Vegas Technology Slots


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