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Here at you'll find everything you need to know about playing video poker online, with strategy guides, rules, tips, and more. We also personally review and rate all of the top gambling sites on the Web to help you find the best video poker games and offers for players.

It’s important to select the right casino and game when you sit down to play.

While video poker machines may all look the same on the surface the payout tables and player incentives available to you can be very different. To help you out when choosing where to play, we have put together a toplist of the best places to play video poker on the Internet and links to a comprehensive review of every site.


It can be intimidating getting started with video poker, but we make the process a piece of cake with resources such as our video poker toplist (above). Our experienced staff has tested and reviewed every major online gaming site on the Web and compiled a list of the top destinations for video poker fans.

Not all sites offer the same games (and not all online video poker machines use the same paytables) so it’s always a good idea to take some time before finding your Internet casino home for all your video poker play.

One casino might offer a great Jacks or Better game while another has more generous payouts for Deuces Wild, so don’t just assume all the games are the same.


The rules of video poker are fairly straightforward, and most machines will actually prompt you as to what the best move should be when deciding what cards to hold or discard. While video poker uses the same basic hand rankings as poker to determine what you’ll be paid, you’re always competing against the machine and not a human player.

Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and Joker Wild are some of the most popular versions of video poker you’ll find, and you can play 1 line, 50 line, or even 100 line variations that let you play many hands at the same time.

Video poker is one of the best choices for players as with the right strategy the house advantage is very low, plus you can choose from various games that suit your style and bankroll.


Playing our free video poker machine is one of the easiest way to learn the game; our Jacks or Better training game lets you learn the ropes while playing one of the most popular and most common versions of video poker you’ll find online.

Once you’ve got the hang of it the next step for many players is to take advantage of a no deposit bonus that lets you play video poker and other casino games for real money but at absolutely zero risk to you, as you get real chips to play with but don’t have to deposit a single penny of your own money.


Video poker provides a unique opportunity in the casino gaming world. Because the house edge is very low under the right circumstances, video poker fans can actually beat the house advantage if they play with the right video poker bonus and comps.

Gamblers of all types gravitate towards  video poker both online and offline.

For the recreational player, video poker machines offer the chance for a huge jackpot payout. If you hit a royal flush at video poker playing max coins, the payout is often quite big. And if you play on a progressive video poker machine, the payout might be astronomical. 

Furthermore, the savvy player can cash in on bonuses and loyalty points when playing video poker. This can actually result in him playing the game with positive expected value. 

It's not an accident that many of the most experienced casino gamblers always walk passed the slot machines and go directly to video poker.


As mentioned, the video poker casinos listed to the right are the best destinations on the Internet right now. If you’re new to the game, you might want to try out our free flash version first.

But on the other hand, since the game is so easy to learn, you can try a couple of spins in the casino’s play-money mode and you’ll be ready to play right away.

Before you start playing, just make sure that you:

  1. Know the rules and payouts of the chosen video poker variation

  2. Sign up at the casinos via one of our exclusive bonus deals by clicking on the "Get Bonus" links in our Video Poker toplist.

Video Poker Rules

The basic rules of video poker are the same whatever machine you play on. You choose what to bet, press deal and get your cards. After that you decide which cards to keep and which ones to discard. When you get your final hand you compare it to the payout table and see whether or not you won. In this article we look at rules of different video- poker machines: deuces wild, joker poker, tens or better and all American video poker.

Video Poker Rules


Video Poker Strategy

Knowing a bit of strategy is crucial when playing video poker. If you do, video poker has very low house edge, much better than your average slot machine. However, if you don’t know the strategy, it can become a very costly game. In this article we provide you with a complete list of what cards to hold in every situation. Use that list – have it open in a separate window when you play online – and you’ll realize what a fine casino game video poker actually is.

Video Poker Strategy