5,000 Arrests in Operation Against Illegal Gambling in Asia

Posted on 17/07/10 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

In Asia a coordinated police operation targeted against illegal gambling and directed by Interpol has led to 5,000 arrests and the seizure of nearly $10 million in cash. The police raided almost 800 gambling dens in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

World Cup 2010 Gambling
Despite their communist heritage the Chinese more than like their occasional gamble, and the 2010 World Cup was bound to cause a big peek in gambling activity. Chinese local police stations in Shenzen and Chengdu bundled powers earlier this month, yet Interpol tackled the problem on a much larger scale.      

Raids on Gambling Dens
The operation, codenamed SOGA III, was directed at illegal gambling activities in the greater Asian region. Between June 11th and July 11th Interpol raided on illegal gambling dens that jointly handled over $2 billion worth in bets.  

Among the raided gambling dens were those situated in Hong Kong, and gambling Walhalla Macau. Besides cash the police confiscated computers, laptops, mobile phones, credit cards and automobiles.  

SOGA Interpol Operations
The SOGA operations are directed from the general Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France in cooperation with the Bangkok liaison office. In total the SOGA operations have led to the apprehension of over 7,000 suspects and the seizure of $26 million in cash.