888.com Offering Big Bonuses and Tickets to U.K. Snooker Championship

Posted on 30/10/07 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

So: How much do you know about 888.com's casino games?

If you fancy yourself a connoisseur of its extensive online casino game repertoire, it could pay off in more ways than one over the next two weeks, as 888.com is offering up a ton of bonuses and tickets to the U.K. Snooker Championship final to players who answer simple questions about their games.

Contest runs between October 23 and November 6, 2007, with 112 players winning up to $150 in bonuses and two prize packages to the U.K. Snooker Championship Final handed out to players who answer the fun daily/weekend question correctly.

The contest is split into two parts: From Monday-Wednesday, answer the question correctly and you'll be entered in a daily raffle where 11 players will win $100 each.

From Thursday-Sunday, there will be one question total to cover the weekend. Get it right and win entry to the weekend raffle, where 22 players will win $150 each.

Answer any question correctly and you'll also go into an end-of-event raffle on November 7. There, two players will win a pair of tickets to the U.K. Snooker Championship Final on December 16, including flights and accommodation.

Here's a sample question to get you thinking: At more than a record-breaking $1,500,000, which 888.com biggest jackpot is currently the highest? A) Caribbean Poker B) Treasure Twirl C) Millionaire Genie.

For all the contest details (and to find out the answer), visit 888.com.