Argentina on its Way to Regulate Online Gambling

Argentina on its Way to Regulate Online Gambling

Posted on 30/08/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

In no other sphere of modern day politics will you find international discord as large as in the field of online gambling. Countries adhering to more or less the same standards and values, can be miles apart as it comes to their views on online gambling.

Stringent Gambling Policy
The online gambling legislation in 'the Land of the Free' has been part of an ongoing debate ever since the ugly acronym 'UIGEA' was introduced. Holland, often famed for its tolerance towards soft-drugs and homosexuality, makes a 180-degree turn as far as online gambling is concerned.

Online Gambling Regulation
For long the UK was among the most tolerant towards online gambling, and now the Spanish speaking countries seem to follow in its footsteps. Recently it came to our attention that Spain made a big step in the right direction, and now Argentina is part of a positive newsfeed.  

Online Gambling in Argentina
Presidential Cabinet Chief Anibal Fernandez declared that the government is planning to put in place a new bill within two or three months. Rumor has it that the legalization of online gambling is primarily related to the need to enable the public to wager on soccer matches, as a means to finance the only recently granted soccer TV-rights.

Whatever the underlying motives may be isn´t of particular interest to the Argentinean online gambling aficionados.