Australian Businessman Sues Casino for $38 Million

Australian Businessman Sues Casino for $38 Million

Posted on 26/05/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Often times going to court is as big of a gamble as is placing a bet at the roulette table of your local or online casino. Depending on the evidence and of course the validity of your allegations, the judge's hammer could spell either defeat or victory.

Work Hard, Play Hard
A former Australian real estate tycoon might have been playing with the idea of placing a bet at the table of Lady Justice for a long while. Harry Kakavas, an Australian millionaire who build massive properties along the whole Australian Gold Coast, now is suing the Crown Casino of Melbourne for $38 Million.

Noteworthy is the fact that might Kakavas win the case and get the full claim paid out to his bank account, this court case will net him over $18 Million. While the proposed claims mount up to $38 Million, the allegedly suffered losses only add up to $15.2 Million.

Responsible Gambling
Kakavas claims that he suffered these losses during the years 2004 to 2006, and more specifically because the Melbourne Casino lured him into making massive bets. The casino allegedly sent special private jets for him to come to Melbourne, allowing him to play on trick for over $3 Million and making bets of $228,000 per hand.

While this alleged behavior of the Melbourne casino does at least to say not stimulate responsible gambling, this whole court case is quite controversial. After all everyone is responsible for his or her own choices, and someone who made such a fortune with his business instincts should off course have known better.

Big Business, Big Betting
Whether or not Mr. Kakavas seriously believes he is the victim of unjust behavior on part of the casino remains unknown. It could just like that turn out to be a massive and quite original way of gambling by a bored multimillionaire.