Australian Citizens Furious About Government Plans

Posted on 06/04/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

With the Internet on its way to becoming a regulated and censored place in some parts of the world, mass protest are bound to arise. It seems already that the Australian citizens don't make do with the government measures at all.

Roughly two weeks ago we reported the leaking of several web addresses that would be shut down as a result of the Australian Government actions. The list was publicized on WikiLeaks and it appeared that the government was certainly not only targeting child pornography sites, but planned to shut the virtual gates to several gambling and other websites as well.

Communications Minister
When this became known among the public, all hell broke loose. The commotion that arose from this was so intense that Communications Minister Stephen Conroy appeared on the television to discuss the subject matter.

When the Minister made his TV appearance numerous viewers called in to question the course of business. Conroy had to admit that several mistakes were made in the whole process, and said the leaked list was drawn up by "faceless bureaucrats".

Dubious Media Appearance
On the other hand he made some rather vague comments on a court case currently running against one of the biggest ISPs, that publicly disapproved of the censorship actions. All in all the Australian people are far from satisfied with the current developments, as it isn´t clear at all how this story is going to end.