Australian State Fights Problem Gambling

Australian State Fights Problem Gambling

Posted on 06/04/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Officials in New South Wales, Australia announced plans last week to help fight problem gambling within the state. It's a three-year strategy that will put the state's current gambling-addiction services into a new counseling agency called "Gambling Help", with an estimated cost of $.17 million dollars.

Attack Problem Gambling
Kevin Greene, the Gaming Minister in New South Wales outlined the state's proposal at the Problem Gambling Counselors Conference in Sydney and said that the strategy will attack problem gambling at the "grass-roots" level. This means that they are going to teach legal, medical, correctional, welfare and non-profit workers to identify gambling addiction symptoms at the earliest of stages.

"The Rees Government is committed to tackling problem gambling early, before problems worsen, and this $2.4 million investment is a key part of those efforts," Greene said. "By reaching out to people across the community we hope to overcome the stigma surrounding problem gambling and get help to those who need it, when they need it."

Increase Awareness
The plan also aims to increase awareness with the use of educational kits, public service announcements and DVD's while also breaking down cultural barriers for the problem gamblers in Australia's ethnic communities.

Responsibility Is Key
Gaming is a lot of fun but you have to be responsible at all times and know the problem signs when they start to pop up. And even though we do not agree with the Australian government possibly blocking a number of online gaming sites, we have to applaud the Gaming Minister and the state for doing their part to help those that are addicted to the gambling. This becomes especially vital when you consider the fact that Australia is the world leader in online casino gaming.