Becoming a Live Dealer - The New Shot for Glory

Posted on 01/06/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Nowadays the quest for fame just seems unstoppable. Every Average Joe who can sing a few notes without having the neighbors calling the police for noise pollution, seems to participate in "Idols"-like TV Shows.

Shake the World
In the quest for glory next to talent, media exposure is everything. No matter how talented you are, you first have to find a channel to show yourself to the world. We saw this with for example Susan Boyle, who was just a regular housewife until she opened her mouth at Britain's Got Talent and shook the world.

Live Dealer - The New Road to Glory?
As talent shows get increasingly popular so do other channels on which wannabe-celebrities can display themselves. A quite original way to get media exposure is to become a live dealer at our all-time best-rated Europa Casino, as 24-year-old Emily Perkings from England recently found out.

Emily is an aspiring actress and believes that working as a live dealer for the Playtech powered casino, is an excellent opportunity for her to get her face out in order to get her acting career started. Live Gaming is getting increasingly popular, and an ever growing part of the online gambling community is starting to explore the fun of this highly interactive way of online gambling.

Check out Emily at Europa Casino
With the audience getting bigger and bigger, Emily´s strategy to get mass exposure isn´t quite as stretched as one would imagine. We hope Emily´s skills as a dealer are up to par, but otherwise she can always act like she is good at it. Make sure to check it all out at the Live Games section of our #1
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