Birdman’s $2 Million Bet Is Clever

Birdman’s $2 Million Bet Is Clever

Posted on 30/01/12 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Recently we reported that rap star Birdman plans to wager $5 million on the Super Bowl.


The reactions on social media were instant: “Birdman is an idiot to make this kind of bet. “

But wait a minute.

If you compare this to some of his friends in rap, is it really that weird to bring two million to the bookie?

Flava Flav’s Lost Weekend

Public Enemy legend and father of all hype men Flavor Flav allegedly used to spend $2.600 on drugs – every day.

This habit carried on for six years.

After this lost weekend was over Flava Flav had spent over $5.5 million.

…and after that he participated in The Surreal Life.

…and after that he appeared in Celebrity Wife Swap (and swapped with Dee Snider from Twisted Sister.)

Jay-Z and Beyoncé Spoils Blue

Earlier this month, Jay-Z and Beyoncé Knowles became proud parents of a baby daughter.

The latest addition to the family, Blue Ivy Carter, is not like other kids. She doesn’t have normal toys and doesn’t sleep in a normal bed. But then again, she doesn’t have normal parents either.

When she came home there were a few luxury items waiting for her.

How about a solid-gold rocking horse for $600,000, a chair for $15,000, a magical windmill playhouse for $30,000 and a coach carriage crib for $50,000.

The list goes on…

All in all, Jay-Z and Beyoncé spent over $1 million.

$200k on Beverage Is Nothing for Drake


With a thirsty entourage and a large wallet you’d better be prepared to pay quite a bit when you go out drinking.

Especially if you choose to visit the Las Vegas night club Tryst Wynn and drink Dom Perignon,  Vueve Clicquot and Grey Goose.

This is what rapper Drake did.

The bill landed on $200,000

Soulja Boy Pimps Plane for $20 Million


Just buying a regular Gulfstream 5 plane for $35 million might be enough for most people, but not for Soulja Boy.

It simply doesn’t have the right luxurious standards.  

According to The New York Post, Soulja Boy spent $20 million in improvements, including custom Italian leather seats, flat-screen TVs, four liquor bars, a special travertine tiled floor and Brazilian hardwood cabinets.

Final bill: $55 million.

We Could Carry On


Spending ludicrously large amounts of money is not that unusual for wealthy rap stars. 

On the contrary.

We could add Rick Ross’ 1$ million strip-club party, Puff Daddy’s (or whatever he’s called nowadays) $3 million birthday party or Kanye West’s $180,000 watch featuring his own face.

When you look at Birdman’s bet in this context, a $5 million wager on the Super Bowl seems quite sensible.

He might even win money.