British Government Not Happy With Dutch Anti-Gambling Measures

British Government Not Happy With Dutch Anti-Gambling Measures

Posted on 09/08/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

The Dutch continue to ruffle feathers with their UIGEA like anti-gambling measures. This time it's the British government who are protesting.

No Financial Transfers
The reason for this protest is that the Justice department sent a letter earlier this year to all the banks which are active in the Netherlands, which also includes British banks. The letter reminded the banks that they would be violating the anti-gambling law if they facilitate financial transfers between Dutch citizens and the "illegal" websites where they gamble/play at.

Furthermore, every casino/poker/gaming website is considered "illegal" because none have been approved yet by the Dutch government.

Extra Costs
The British government has now sent a letter to Dutch minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin, telling him that his anti-gambling measures are forcing extra costs onto the British banks. According to the Minister for Trade, Lord Davies of Abersoch, the banks are getting extra automation costs as they are trying to abide by the Dutch law.

Lord Davies of Abersoch also wants to have talks with the Justice Department along with representatives of the British gambling industry later this year. According to a spokesperson for Hirsch Ballin and the Justice Department, the reaction has been positive so far.

More Problems
The Dutch government continues to get issues with regard to their anti-gambling measures. First it was Betfair that was getting ready to take the Dutch to court and then it was Europe's internal markets commissioner who threatened legal action against the state.

There isn't much more that we can say on the issue that has not been said already but we're hoping that the British can somehow talk some sense into the Dutch government and that these horrible laws are changed.