Chinese Battle Against Online Gambling Heats Up

Posted on 27/06/10 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

The Chinese are known as avid online gamblers, despite the fact that gambling has been illegal in China as of the year 1949. The Chinese government is increasingly displeased with the thriving of online gambling in its country, and increases its efforts in this thus far futile battle.

Sports Betting
A giant thorn in the eyes of the Chinese government officials is the ever growing underground business of soccer betting. Match-fixing and corruption, driven by illegal sports betting activities, have ridiculed China's top professional soccer league to a severe extent.

Although online gambling is illegal in China, like in other countries, it is still very easy to set up an online gambling service, and illegal activities are hard to prove. With the World Cup well underway online soccer betting is getting more popular by the day in China, and online gambling operators experience golden times.

A Team Effort
In two big Chinese cities, Shenzen and Chengdu, the police are bundling powers to roll up underground gambling syndicates. The operation already resulted in the arrest of 34 suspects and the seizure of $11.7 in cash. Still this is an unbelievably small tip of the iceberg, as for example during the 2006 World Cup a gigantic $73 billion was spent on online gambling.

Regulation & Legislation
Online gambling is an innocent pastime that, if properly regulated and legislated, can bring great pleasure with minimal negative side-effects. Treating online gambling like the Chinese is certainly not the wise thing to do, as the law of demand and supply has proven time after time.