Chris Shaw Wins Incredible $258.8 Million Powerball Jackpot

Chris Shaw Wins Incredible $258.8 Million Powerball Jackpot

Posted on 24/04/10 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

The thrill of gambling as a fun pastime is all about your chances of turning a little pocket money into something you could have never dreamt of winning. Chris Shaw can tell you all about this feeling, as he is the one who won the unbelievable and astronomical $258.8 million Powerball Jackpot.

Huge Lottery Win
Up until Thursday morning Chris Shaw was just an average guy making a modest $7.25 an hour working at the local convenience store. Now, after the huge win in the Missouri Lottery this man's bank account is too big to believe, with an incredible $258,800,000 balance.

One way to turn a little into a lot would be to check out a nice progressive jackpot and spin the reels of the slot to win a big sum of money. Chris Shaw however took some money from his last $28.96 in his bank account, and bought a lottery ticket at Break Time on Wednesday.

Thursday morning his girlfriend called him to tell that the winning ticket had been sold at Break Time, and her ticket wasn't the one. They ran through the numbers on Chris' ticket and Chris went completely out of his mind when he found out every single number matched up.

Chris and his girlfriend came from absolutely nothing to being multi-millionaires, and don't yet have an idea on how to spend the money. For the moment they are just glad to finally being able to pay the electric bill, the gas bill, and stuff like that. Chris is incredibly glad his kids get to do all the fun things like going to Disneyland, that he never got the chance to do.

Take a Chance
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