Coming Next Year - The Great Aussie Firewall

Coming Next Year - The Great Aussie Firewall

Posted on 20/12/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

While mandatory censorship over the Internet is a draconian practice you would normally only expect to find in dictatorships or communist countries, Australia is in an advanced stage of implementing measures that serve exactly this purpose.

International Online Gambling Policy
While in the Netherlands the government currently is investigating ways in which online gambling could be legalized and Denmark is planning to legalize online gambling altogether, other countries like Australia seem to move in a completely different direction.

Great Aussie Firewall
The Australian Government's plans to obligate Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block certain websites from the public are not entirely new. Last year there already was a massive public debate on 'the Great Aussie Firewall', in which the proposed measures received loads of criticism from almost all parts of the society.

The idea behind the filtering system is to prevent Australian citizens from accessing websites with pornographic, online gambling related, and other unwanted content. Several ISPs have however stated that the system is disastrous for the internet operating speed, whilst still failing to block a part of the content and on top of that blocking several legitimate websites.     

Passed the Test?
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy seems to think otherwise, as he announced that the filtering system passed the tests and will go live somewhere in the beginning of the new year. It seems like Minister Stephen Conroy has lost all sense of reason, as even government-ordered studies show the clear defects of the filtering system.