CryptoLogic Sues Marvel Comics for Violating Terms of Agreement

Posted on 23/04/10 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

CryptoLogic is a big player in the online casino software market, and it's casinos are famed for the unique comic book themed online slot machines. Marvel Comcis and CryptoLogic have a long and successful relationship, that now is under serious pressure as CryptoLogic believes Marvel hasn't lived up to the 'exclusive' part of their agreement.

CryptoLogic's Comic Book Slots
CryptoLogic has made a lucrative business out of creating graphically appealing slots with comic book heroes as the main source of inspiration. Cryptologic powered casinos like InterCasino offer slots as The Hulk, Blade, and Spiderman that attract players who purposely choose these casinos for the slick-looking comic book games that are found nowhere else.

Marvel Comics & PlayTech
The business relationship between Marvel Comics and CryptoLogic started back in 2005, and has been a highly successful synergy benefiting both brands. Now it seems the relationship is under pressure, as CryptoLogic started a mediation procedure against the comic book designer for violating terms of the agreement.

Source of the problem is the fact that a Marvel affiliated company, Marvel B.V., made a deal with earth rival PlayTech. This is seen as a violation of the contract's terms as CryptoLogic and Marvel signed an exclusive licensing agreement for the use of the Marvel branded comics until the year 2013.

Comic Book Slots - InterCasino
How this business collaboration that resulted in the creation of 17 different slots in 5 years will hold up in the feature is anything but certain. For now, you can just enjoy the great comic book themed online video slots at Cryptologic casinos like InterCasino.