Denmark On its Way to Legalize Gambling Altogether

Denmark On its Way to Legalize Gambling Altogether

Posted on 11/11/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

While online gamblers from all parts of the world happily spin the reels and hit the tables in the countless virtual casinos the web is rich, lawmakers are racking their heads over if and how to legalize and regulate this branch of business.

Legalizing Online Gambling

We know that citizens of almost every country of the world are able to legally or illegally play at an online casino. In many countries however, online gambling currently is illegal and the Government considers it a growing problem. Attempts to legalize online gambling and poker in the US thus far haven't yielded significant results, neither are these resulted expected in the near future.     

Gambling & Law in Europe

In Europe we currently see an entirely different development, more and more governments are looking to install a more liberal climate towards both online and land-based gambling. The French have far-reaching plans to regulate certain online gambling activities, and the Dutch government is currently looking into possible alternatives to the current situation.

Denmark perhaps has the most drastic plans to bring about change in the legal treatment of gambling. Where the French limit liberalization to pre-specified online games, the Danish are aiming at the entire online and land-based gambling markets.

Setting an Example

The developments in Denmark are likely to serve as a positive example for other Scandinavian countries and maybe in time also for the rest of the European Union. When companies as Europa Casino can operate in a regulated environment players and politicians all can benefit, and on top of this it can result in a good sum of money flowing to the National Treasury.