Do Dutch Anti-Gambling Measures Hold up in Court?

Do Dutch Anti-Gambling Measures Hold up in Court?

Posted on 13/05/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

It's never a dull day when you follow the developments of the online gambling legislation around the world. Country after country decides to change its policy, ranging from laudable initiatives to pieces of downright political baloney.

UIGEA-Like Measures
One of those terrible initiatives is carried out in practice at this very moment in the beautiful country of Holland. The Dutch Ministry of Justice apparently found it necessary to put in place anti-gambling measures that strongly resemble the hopefully soon to be outdated UIGEA measures.  

The current political climate in the Netherlands is looking ever more bad for gambling and poker operators from all over the globe. After numerous fruitful brainstorm sessions the department installed measures that… hold your breath… prevent banking institutions from processing online gambling transactions.

EU Backs Out
A few months ago such slightly diluted government decisions would have been unthinkable, mainly because of the pressure of the European Union to live up to the principles of fair and open competition.

Since the EU recently decided to leave decisions on this subject matter to the particular member states themselves, things now have changed for the worst. Online gambling operator BetFair, popular in the UK and mainly known as a bookmaker, doesn´t quite believe this is the way this should end.

The Only Way Left: To Court
On the contrary, Betfair is taking the Dutch State to court and has full confidence in winning the case. It´s not the first time the gambling operator does a thing like this, about two years ago it met Western Australia in court and won.

It was about time that someone stood up against this crazy policy, as the EU union no longer seems to care about free competition in the gambling market. BetFair is the ideal candidate to fight this Dutch anti-gambling measures. It's a big and wealthy licensed operator with a myriad of experience in this particular area.