Firefox Compatible Flash Games at Jackpot Factory

Posted on 17/01/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

When you are already using the Firefox browser as opposed to the standard and often pre-installed Internet Explorer, you may have some difficulties playing Flash Games at some online casinos. At Jackpot Factory this issue has recently become a thing of the past.

Firefox is Running Hot
Firefox is an up-and-coming new web-surfing alternative to the old school MS Internet Explorer. The benefit of the Firefox browser is the option to install masses of cool and clever plug-ins, like for example an online spelling corrector. By now already 21.4% of the online community surfs the waves of the web using Firefox, and this number is steadily increasing.

Jackpot Factory Flash Games
The Jackpot Factory has really picked up on this trend and chose to cater to the needs of a growing group of their customers. Since a few weeks all players at Jackpot Factory Casinos can play the popular Flash Games using their browser of choice. This enables Firefox users to play over 150 different flash games, with new ones being added each month.

All Slots
One of the most popular and technically sophisticated Jackpot Factory Casinos is our personal favorite All Slots Casino. Take a look, and if you prefer, you can off course always download the casino application straight to your PC.