Frank Pro-Gambling Bill Also Important For Game Developers

Frank Pro-Gambling Bill Also Important For Game Developers

Posted on 19/05/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

California-based wireless phones and accessories developer Hop-on Inc. has announced plans to release an iPhone application for real-time mobile casino games after the hopeful approval of Barney Frank's Pro-Internet Gambling Bill.

Hoping For The Bill To Pass
Said Hop-on's president and chief executive Peter Michaels: "As we are in continued support of Rep. Barney Frank's proposed legislation to legalize Internet gambling, Hop-on is moving to release an app immediately after the passing of the bill."

And while Apple does not allow gambling games in its App. Store, this application would use a browser-based workaround that would make real money gaming possible on the iPhone. In addition to this real-money game, Hop-on is also in the process of submitting play-for-fun interactive games that include blackjack, poker, slot games and roulette for Apple's approval.

The Mobile Casino Gaming Companies
If Hop-on manages to get their games on the iPhone market, they will face competition from other mobile gaming companies like Jadestone Networks, Probability and Spin3.

We wrote about Probability yesterday as they dubbed the Nokia N95 as Britain's top mobile gambling cell phone. As for Spin3, besides making mobile casino games for the iPhone, they also deliver high quality mobile gambling for the Blackberry.

In the end, we have yet another reason to hope that Rep. Frank's Pro-Gambling Bill gets approved as not only will it lead to the market being completely open and regulated for U.S. players, but it will also bring a wider variety of games to more platforms.