German Casino Wiesbaden to Offer Live Dealer Games

German Casino Wiesbaden to Offer Live Dealer Games

Posted on 27/02/10 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

The German Casino Wiesbaden is coming up with a brand new initiative to provide live dealer games to online casino gamblers in the UK. While live dealer games are offered at numerous online casinos, the German land-based casino will use its own facilities to provide a whole new live gaming experience.

PlayTech and Microgaming
Live dealing is a phenomenon that has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Online casino giants like PlayTech and Microgaming have set up entire live dealing centers where overseas employees are filmed as they perform the roles of real live casino dealers.

The Live Dealing Business
The staff of Casino Wiesbaden must have looked at this concept and realized that they already have all the facilities and employees in place. The only thing that the casino needed to become a fearsome competitor in the current live dealing market, was a camera and the IT infrastructure to connect to the target group.

Everything has been put into place to give online gamblers in the UK the opportunity to place bets in Casino Wiesbaden. With help of two webcams the British gamblers can watch the roulette croupier at work, placing the bets for them and spinning the wheel to get the game going.

Innovation and Improvement
It is interesting to see how land-based and online casinos come up with new initiatives to collaborate or compete with each other. In the end the gambling fan is the one to benefit, as now he can choose between playing a live dealer game at an online casino like Europa Casino, or playing live dealing games with help of a land-based casino.