German ruling favors free trade of online gambling services

German ruling favors free trade of online gambling services

Posted on 12/11/07 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Slowly but surely, the European Commission is prying the online gaming industry out of the hands of government monopolies and back into the realm of free exchange.

In yet another move forward for accessibility in the online casino industry, a German court ruled in favor of Austrian gaming company Bwin last week in their quest to provide online casino and gaming services to German customers.

The ruling came down from a court of appeal in the state of Hessen, where a judge overturned a previous lower court ruling preventing Bwin from offering its services to online casino patrons inside Germany's borders.

The court apparently decided, summarily, that enforcing a ban on internet gambling was practically impossible, and the German law designed to maintain monopolistic control was, for all intents and purposes, "null and void."

The decision is in line with comparable recent rulings in countries throughout the EU, as the European Commission has been pressuring non-compliant nations to fall in line with the reciprocal principles of EU trade requirements.

The Commission has even gone as far as threatening litigation with the European Court of Justice if offending nations fail to open up their restricted markets.

A meeting of the heads of the various German states is planned for later this year to discuss the matter further.