Hawaii Considers Legalizing Gambling to Boost Tax Revenues

Posted on 23/02/10 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Although many countries throughout the world try to control casino gambling in one way or another, only a few countries totally prohibit this popular pastime. Hawaii is one of those countries, but with the harsh financial situation the US island state is facing legislators are pushing for legalization.

Gambling in the US
The United States government has taken great pains to prevent its citizens from taking part in online gambling activities, with the not all too successful UIGEA measures as its major feat of arms. Live casino gambling however is a whole different story, as the only states where live gambling currently is completely illegal are Utah and Hawaii.

Gamble for Treasury
The legal treatment of gambling in Hawaii could very well change in the near future, as prominent lawmakers are looking into the possibility of legalizing gambling altogether. The island state is currently facing a billion dollar gap in its budget, and alternative ways to boost tax revenues are more than welcome.

The main focus of the legislators is introducing legal casino slot games on the island of Waikiki. The opposition is very much worried about how this shift in policy will affect the current family-friendly image of Hawaii, and is scared for an increase in gambling-related crime and gambling addiction.

Online Gambling
Legalizing online gambling has also been a topic in the discussion of alternatives to boost tax revenues. Once the federal government agrees on the appropriate legislation Hawaii could decide to grant its individual islands the right to license online casinos.