Healthy Q1 Revenue Figures for 888 Holdings

Posted on 01/05/10 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Online bingo is booming business, and so are online casino gambling, online poker and all other activities that 888 Holdings participates in. 888's success as an online gaming operator is reflected in its financial figures, as it saw its net operating income over Q1 2010 rise with 21% compared to Q1 2009.

888 Holding's Q1 Figures
With the aftershocks of the financial crisis still noticeable, 888 Holdings is glad to report a 30% growth over the first quarter of 2010 in its business to consumer offerings. The decline in online poker revenues was well made up for by the massive 23% growth in revenues for Casino.

Compared to the last quarter of 2009 888 Holdings reports a 2% growth in operating income, caused by a 10% increase in poker revenues, a 2% decline in casino revenues, and a 27% decline in business to business offerings.

Begin of Q2
The second quarter of 2010 hasn't been all that positive for 888 Holdings up to date, as the average revenue in the first 25 days of the quarter showed a 13% revenue loss. All in all the 888 Holdings Board declared to take a prude and pragmatic view and has embarked on a cost cutting exercise across the entire group.

Great Casino Portfolio
All in all is a great online casino with a top-of-the-bill gaming portfolio and a strong brand to distinguish itself from the competition. Very recently Casino even launched a fresh set of games to further increase its entertainment value and attract and maintain online casino fanatics.