Higher Bet Limits And New Instant Play Casino At Roxy Palace

Higher Bet Limits And New Instant Play Casino At Roxy Palace

Posted on 20/07/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Roxy Palace Casino has been pretty busy lately and players will be happy to know that they also offer an instant-play casino now.

Instant Play
The Roxy Palace now offers a no download, instant-play version of their online casino, meaning that players can play any game instantly through their browser without having to download and install anything. The instant casino offers over 200 slot games, which is virtually the biggest variation of instant slot games that are available online. Among these 200 slots is the Mega Moolah, which just recently paid out some very big bucks to a very lucky player.

Entrance To The Grand Slam of Slots
Other great news out of the Roxy Palace camp is that they are offering tickets to the Grand Slam of Slots tournament. The Grand Slam of Slots as you may already know will have its main event near the end of October (October 22nd through November 2nd) and will pay out an amazing 1 Million Euros to the first place finisher.

The total prize pool is 1.3 Million Euros and 489 players are guaranteed of going home with a prize. You can play the qualifying rounds at Roxy Palace Casino from now until the main event and you can't buy your way into the final, you have to go through qualifiers.

More Winnings
And things wouldn't be complete without the mention of a lucky player hitting it big. Just last week a German player called "Marco D" won €15,000 while playing the Tomb Raider slot. It was also the hundredth win at Roxy Palace.

You can't pick a better time to become a player at Roxy Palace Casino. They are even offering players higher bet limits on the most popular games, meaning that you have the chance to win much more now, which is always a good way to grab a player's attention.