Land-Based Casinos More Prone to Problem Gambling

Posted on 08/03/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Howard Slayton, a leading expert on problem gambling and addiction, believes land-based gambling to be more addictive and prone to cause problem gambling then their online counterparts.

The Casino Experience
The main cause of the relationship between gambling and addiction to be stronger for brick-and-mortar casinos is the atmosphere that is created. In the real-life casinos all the conditions are set to give people the experience that they are outside reality. It's not just coincidence that there are no clocks, no windows, free drinks and constant air-conditioning in every Las Vegas Casino. All these factors have been carefully set up to make people loose the sense of place and time.

The Comfort of Your Own Home
When logging in at an online casino from your own home-based personal computer, there are enough things that keep you from being absorbed by the gambling environment. Your fellow inmates, friends, or family members could come walking in, your phone could ring or your dog could start barking. It are all those little things that can lead you away from the gambling game you are playing, and remind you of the day-to-day stuff.

Problem Gambling
It are these distinctive differences between online and land-based gambling that Howard Slayton believes to make all the difference as to what extent problem gambling is a threat. Of course online gambling can also lead to addiction and irresponsible gambling, but to a lesser degree than land-based gambling. Yet if you think of yourself as an avid online gambler who spends most of his or her days at an online casino, it might be worthwhile to check out our responsible gambling page.