Largest Ever Bad Beat Jackpot Hit

Largest Ever Bad Beat Jackpot Hit

Posted on 26/07/11 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

The largest ever poker bad beat jackpot has just been hit on the Boss Media Network, with the "loser" of the hand collecting €442,954.

Just like with progressive jackpots for slots players, bad beat jackpots give poker players an extra thrill as the turn of a single card could result in a huge jackpot payday.

The winner of a bad beat jackpot is actually the loser of the hand (thus the "bad beat" part), as the jackpot is only paid out when a very good hand such as quads is beaten by a stronger hand.

Both brick-and-mortar US casinos and online poker sites offer bad beat jackpots, with the promotions designed to work like slots progressives as far as generating more revenue from players trying to cash in when the jackpots grow large.

The money in the bad beat jackpots come from rake taken at the poker tables, with most sites offering designated bad beat jackpot tables that players must be seated at in order to win the jackpot.

Bad Beat Jackpot Has Some Big Hits

The bad beat jackpot at Boss Media Network hadn't been hit since January and had been in record territory for months before it was finally hit.

Most bad beat jackpots pay the loser of the hand the lion's share of the jackpot, with the winner of the hand getting the next largest share, then every player at the table dealt in also getting a cut.

“OmgoMgomGo" was the winner of the record jackpot, getting €442,954 for losing the hand with quad kings; “7Adelaida7" was the winner of the hand with quad aces on a board of A K 9 K A and pocketed €221,477; the other players at the table received about €32,000 each.

 The house's cut was €127,000, with €250,000 going back to seed the new bad beat jackpot. 

Not all online poker sites offer bad beat jackpots, with PokerStars, 888, and bwin among the notables that don't, while PartyPoker, Paradise Poker, and other large sites do offer bad beat jackpot tables.