Las Vegas Casino Gambling Faces 17% Decline

Las Vegas Casino Gambling Faces 17% Decline

Posted on 24/08/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Recession, financial crisis, malaise… words that for a long time were exclusively reserved to pessimists and other doomsayers, now feature regularly in newspaper headlines and are bound to surpass terms like "free" and "porn" in number of Google hits anytime soon.

Land-based vs. Online Gambling Market
At first sight the experts couldn't really agree on what kind of effects the financial crisis would have in store for the land-based and online gambling markets. In retrospect we now see very clearly that the land-based gambling market has suffered dearly, while the online gambling market got a relatively easy pass.  

One of the biggest blows has been dished out to the fabulous gambling capital Las Vegas, as casino gambling fell with a shocking 17% in July and is still dropping. Less and less people are willing to cough up the amount of money needed for a trip to Vegas -avoiding the cost needed for travelling, lodging and dining.    

A New Target Group
Online casinos on the other hand are grasping every opportunity to attract and retain online gamblers. As a growing number of players is happy to spin the reels and hit the tables at an online instead of a land-based casino, online casinos are working overtime to get their fair share of this emerging target group.

Online Gambling Gets Better and Better

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