Leader of Casino Cheating Gang Sentenced to 70 Months in Prison

Leader of Casino Cheating Gang Sentenced to 70 Months in Prison

Posted on 21/03/10 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

As long as there are casinos where people come to play against the house, there exist people who seek ways to turn the odds in their favor even if doing so requires them to break the law. Last week the leader of a Vietnamese gang dedicated to scamming live casinos found out the hard way that this can be a bad gamble.

Word-Famous Casino Cheats
There are countless stories about casino cheaters who found smart ways to beat the house dealer at his own game. One phenomenal story about such a world-famous casino cheat is that of Richard Marcus, who used a tweaked version of the straightforward trick called pastposting.     

Tran Organization
The Vietnamese gang specialized in scamming live casinos throughout the States is known as the "Tran Organization", with the San Diego based Vietnamese immigrant Phuong Quoc Trong as the gang leader. Last week Mr. Trong pled guilty to the charges for his share in the Tran Organization and the federal judge sentenced him to seventy months in prison.   

False Shuffles
The Tran Organization bribed casino dealers in order to let them perform "false shuffles" and other card tricks to make sure the players at the table received winning hands at the blackjack tables. The gang was active in casinos all the way from California to Connecticut and cashed in over $7 million over a period of five years. 

Mass Prosecutions
The federal authorities have arrested and prosecuted a great number of gang members, and over thirty of the offenders have entered guilty pleas in exchange for lighter sentences. Next to prison sentences the judge ordered the seizure of several millions in property resulting from profits of the casino scams.