Leading Gambling Expert - Chances of Barney's Bill are Slim to None

Posted on 28/09/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Online gambling legislation is a hot topic in almost any place in the world, especially in the US where strong supporters and strong opponents keep the fire of argument burning. Many people have their opinions on how it will all end, so does Las Vegas lawyer Tony Cabot.

The Political Agenda
On the one hand we all know that certain issues first have to be taken care of, like tackling the financial crisis and planning the US health care reform. Then again we witness persevering optimists like Senator Wyden, who give hope for a more liberal online gambling climate by proposing ingenious solutions.  

Leading Gambling Expert
Tony Cabot appeared as a guest speaker at the International Masters of Gaming Law conference in Amsterdam, as a leading online gambling expert his opinion is well respected. At the conference Tony expressed his beliefs that the passage of Barney´s HR 2267 Bill will be a very long shot.  

Land-Based Casino Lobby
While there are over fifty cosponsors that support the bill, there are other political circumstances that make its passage highly unlikely. For one, the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid does not back the bill and won´t do so until the land-based casinos he caters to come to an agreement on this issue.

Risky Politics
Then there are the Democrats that are already having a hard time with tough decisions stemming from the health care debate and the general economic crisis. The Democrat Administration would think twice about regulating online gambling and running another risk to burn their fingers in the public debate.