Manchester City Midfielder Faces Massive Gambling Liabilities

Posted on 06/06/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

We are often glad to delight you with the real-life stories of progressive jackpot winners and the ways in which they are planning to spend their fast-earned money. Big losers or compulsive gamblers usually don't come knocking on our doors to share their experiences, but sometimes the story just spreads like wildfire.

Manchester City Midfielder
This is what Manchester City's Dieter Hamann experienced personally when word got out on the street the midfielder is in debt £600,000 to spread-betting operator Sporting Index. Hamann's
gambling problems are said to have started back in 2006, with big bets on amongst others cricket, American football and darts.

Since the beginning of Hamann's online gambling career these liabilities have been building up, until Sporting Index apparently saw no other option than to sue the German ex-international for the total sum of money, plus an additional £26,500 charge for accrued interest.   

End of Contract
The past season the veteran midfielder has mainly viewed the City games from the sidelines, as the club had acquired young guns Nigel de Jong and Vincent Kompany. This summer his contract comes to an end, and with the massive transfer budget to the disposal of City´s Chief Mark Hughes, Hamann is likely to leave the club on free transfer.   

Debt Repayment
A few of the German Bundesliga clubs have already shown interest in the relatively old midfielder, so it seems that at least Hamann will be able to pay of his debt holders with his future salary. In the past weeks we have seen far more creative ways to cover your gambling losses,
like simply suing the casino to which you lost your money to.