Microgaming About to Release Two Japanese Arcade Games

Microgaming About to Release Two Japanese Arcade Games

Posted on 07/11/10 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Microgaming is about to turn two popular Japanese arcade games - 'Pachislo' and 'Pachinko' - into online casino games and will release them soon at their most popular online casinos.

Pachislo Slot Machine
Pachislo is a Japanese arcade game that is more or less like a classic 3-reel slot. The unique feature is that each reel is stopped one after the other with separate buttons. It takes a while to get the skill to do this in a strategic way to maximize your winning chances.

Pachinko with Cash Prizes
is a whole different kind of game that is like a regular pinball machine but without the flippers. In Pachinko the ball is fired up automatically and it goes through a couple of obstacles before falling into one of the pockets to determine your winnings.     

While at first this game was played on real-life machines in bars in Japan, electronic versions are getting more popular by the day. Because gambling is illegal in Japan the prizes are paid out in gifts, but at the Microgaming casinos the prizes won will be paid out in cash.

The Release
Microgaming will release Pachislo as a 3-reel online slot with 5 paylines, and Pachinko will be released in more or less its original form but with cash prizes. The two games will become available anytime soon at the big Microgaming casinos like William Hill Casino.