Minnesota Next in Line to Block Access to Gambling Sites

Minnesota Next in Line to Block Access to Gambling Sites

Posted on 04/05/09 - by Soler, Francesca News

After we saw efforts from the Australian government and the Swedish government to block access to online gambling sites straight at the Internet Service Providers (ISPs), next in line seems to be the U.S. state of Minnesota.

AGED - Living up to its Name
Recently the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Alcohol and Gaming Division, shortly AGED, has requested eleven ISPs to block Minnesota residents from almost 200 different online gambling websites. This practice resembles action taken in many other countries, like for example in Argentina last week.

AGED lives up to its name with these kind of protectionist measures, and to further show the lack of knowledge about the current state of affairs it bases the legitimacy of this request on the 1961 Wire Act. The Director of AGED further declared that he doesn't want to prevent or criminalize online gambling in general, yet only in the state of Minnesota where it's illegal.

Lots of Talk - No Arguments
These statements of the AGED Director are at least to say superfluous, as he can only influence the situation in the state of Minnesota. Next to the above chitchatting no sound arguments for the sudden anti-gambling move are mentioned.

There was no great public pressure for such a move to be made, yet the Director found it to be a natural evolution of the belief that online gambling is illegal. The term a "natural evolution" again indicates the lack of reasoning behind this request to the ISPs.

Industry experts expect the government measures to raise massive protests and potential legal action, as the decision is far from strongly rooted in the 1961 Wire Act. Let's hope the Minnesota government comes to its senses and refrains from putting into place these ridiculous measures.