More Legal Action Possible Against Dutch Anti-Gambling Measures

More Legal Action Possible Against Dutch Anti-Gambling Measures

Posted on 14/05/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

The Dutch-Anti Gambling measures are drawing more criticism and possibly even more legal action against the government as Charlie McGreevy is the latest person to join the fight.

European Court Of justice
McGreevy is the internal markets commissioner for Europe and he has threatened to pursue the Dutch government as far as the European Court of Justice, following the governments' attempts to block Dutch banks and credit organizations from processing payments of bets made online.

To say that people in the gambling industry are unhappy with the measures that the Dutch are taking is a very big understatement. McGreevy's possible action follows UK online gambling operator Betfair, who are ready to take the Dutch state to court. Betfair alleges that the move to block payments is "a desperate move" to protect the position of De Lotto, the Dutch state monopoly.

A Very "Protectionist Approach"
Said McGreevy:"We believe the Dutch are in direct contravention of the rules of the internal markets and will be investigating the matter. The state has adopted a very protectionist approach to all forms of gambling."

We applaud Betfair for standing up against these terrible initiatives. It's bad enough that certain U.S. states take ludicrous anti-gambling measures but now that it appears that the EU union does not care about free competition within the gaming market, it makes things even worse.

The irony of it all is that these measures usually end up bringing more problems to those that want to implement them. They rightfully anger people and create backlash, especially when the decisions seem to lack sound reasoning.