More Microgaming Slots Are On The Way

More Microgaming Slots Are On The Way

Posted on 17/03/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Are you ready to try some awesome new online video slots? Well, Microgaming has you covered again as they are releasing four new advanced video slot games on April 8th, with themes ranging from galactic adventures to ancient South American cultures.

Ancient Cultures
The Mayan Culture may be extinct, but Mayan Princess brings back the mystery in this great new video slots game. It's a 5 reel, 20-payline game that will have to free spinning your way to Bonus Rounds all while doubling your earnings.

Space Adventures
If ancient cultures aren't your thing and you'd rather take a futuristic trip through space, then the Great Galaxy Grab is just for you. This 5 reel, 25-payline space themed slots game is loaded with free spins, bonuses, multipliers and sweet cgi-style 3D graphics. Besides that, the game has a feature that allows it to remember which location a player last visited between sessions. That means, even if you are disconnected from the game, your progress along the Space Chace will still be remembered after you return.

Airplane Stunts And Some Funny Looking Chickens
Microgaming also has two other slot games on tap, which are Lucky Eggsplorer and Stunt Pilot. Lucky Eggsploter has an amusing cartoonish chicken theme and will entertain players with free spins, multipliers, bonus trails and a gamble feature that can double or even quadruple wins.

As for Stunt Pilot, it's a very original 5 reel, 30-payline game that offers players various different ways of winning. Players can trigger bonus screens and choose to do stunts with each successfully performed stunt representing  a score which determines how many Free Spins - up to a max of 30 - is awarded as the game develops.

Jackpot City Has You Covered
There great video slots will be released on April 8th and you can try them out Jackpot City Casino. Jackpot City is all about the jackpots and with these new games added into the mix, players will have plenty of oppurtunites to win those sweet jackpots.