New Food Fight Slot at Cherry Red Casino

New Food Fight Slot at Cherry Red Casino

Posted on 22/08/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

What would you do if one of your friends decides to toss a piece of pepperoni pizza onto your new shirt? Well, unless I'm almost dying of starvation, I would take a piece or two of my own pizza and fling them right back at his forehead with the precision of a trained marksman.

The Food Fight Slot
As you probably already know by experience, it doesn't take much to start a Hell of a Food Fight. Every action triggers a reaction, and a bit of grease on your shirt triggers a healthy mess of unheard-of proportion on that of the prime suspect.

Spin the Reels
Anyways, food fights can be a lot of fun and when combined with a bit of online gambling Cherry Red Casino takes food fighting to a whole other level. The new Food Fight slot has all the ingredients you can possibly think of, as its 5 reels are packed with anything ranging from cherry pies to pizzas, and ice cream to burgers.

The Bonus Round
Although this 9-payline slot has no gamble function, the bonus round offers you plenty of action to make up for this fact. Entering the bonus game you'll face a lineup of people, waiting for their faces to be hit with a big piece of pie. Every new casualty is good news for you, as for each hit you'll win additional bonus money.