Odds Are in Favor of Legalizing U.S. Online Gambling

Posted on 08/02/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Yes we can! With the inauguration of Barack Obama as the new president of the States things finally start to look good for U.S. online gamblers. Most likely in a number of months American players can chant: "Yes, we can gamble!".

Anthony Cabot Saw it Coming
A little while ago there already was some speculation about the effect that a possible new Democrat Administration would have on online gambling legislation. Industry expert Anthony Cabot predicted that the new regime would be far more tolerant towards the online gambling market.

Barney Frank Speaks
Now it is Barney Frank that is the hope of the U.S. online gambling community. Mr. Frank is not your average person, he's the chairman of the House financial service committee and is known as an outspoken critic of the UIGEA.

Barney Frank recently had an interview with the Financial Times, in which he announced to file a bill that serves to establish a framework for the legalization of online gambling. In this way regulations can be put into place and online gambling operators will become licensed companies.

Bye, Bye UIGEA
When the bill is supported by enough Congress votes this will also mean the nullification of the stringent gambling laws that the late Bush Administration quickly approved during its last breaths.

Luckily these extended anti-gambling measures, implemented days before Obama was inaugurated, are not utilized in practice until December 2009. We expect that long before we reach this date Barney Frank's bill will be approved, and U.S. gamblers will face a honest, free and well-regulated online gambling environment.