Online Rummy - The Next Big Thing

Online Rummy - The Next Big Thing

Posted on 24/11/08 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

In a world in which online gambling becomes increasingly popular, and new forms and variations of gambling and gaming arise every day, rummy is about to win the hearts of online gambling aficionados from around the world.

Stu Ungar
Rummy is a popular skill-based game that can be played with two to four players, and has been played by many high stakes gamblers. The late Stu Ungar is one of those players that, next to poker, had an unmatched love and talent for this amazing game.

Skill & Luck
One of the things that makes Rummy so popular is that although it takes a large amount of skill, just as poker, it incorporates a random luck factor. RummyRoyal is one of the operators that foresaw this business about to boom. It started providing online Rummy games from of the second half of 2007, and now has a very active and constantly growing player base.

The CEO of RummyRoyal adds to this: "It was not clear to all where Rummy would fit in with all of the poker, casino, backgammon and bridge sites, but today we can say with confidence that Rummy is the closest product to poker from all of the multi player games available in the market, with the perfect combination of skill and luck."

If you haven't already noticed, clicking the Rummy link above here will lead you to a short but complete overview of all Rummy rules you have to know. Once you know to rules, you can practice for free and later on win for real at RummyRoyal.