Regulate Online Gambling to Benefit Health Care Reform

Posted on 23/09/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

In times of economic crisis drastic measures must be taken to get back on the right track. Senator Ron Wyden proposes to kill two flies with one blow by using online gambling revenues to balance the costs of the health care reform.

The Online Gambling Discussion
Last week we indicated that the online gambling discussion might have low priority due to the current urgent matters on the political agenda. It will probably take a while before the Internet Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act will be implemented, yet the idea of Senator Wyden is certainly praiseworthy.

$62.7 Billion in Tax Revenues
An analysis of PricewaterhouseCoopers indicated that by regulating online gambling, the US government would be able to collect $62.7 billion in taxes over the next ten years. Senator Wyden proposes that this money could ideally be used to increase subsidies for low incomes through the America's Healthy Future Act of this year.

Michael Waxman, spokesperson for the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative would be happy to see Wyden's proposal carried out in practice. In this way the billions that otherwise are lost in the currently illegal marketplace, can be put to good use to the benefit of the American citizen.  

A Reason to Gamble
So maybe in the future the American people have another reason to spin the reels: improve the US health care system. For now, when you're spinning the reels at Europa Casino the only one who could benefit are you or some filthy rich casino owner.