Revolutionary - PlayTech Casinos Introduce TV Games

Revolutionary - PlayTech Casinos Introduce TV Games

Posted on 02/01/10 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Innovation is the key to success in the fast-moving world of online casino gambling, and every once in a while there is an idea that has the potential to start a revolution in the way we choose to enjoy our favorite pastime.

Live Dealing
One of the latest online gambling innovations we enjoyed keeping track of was the introduction of live dealers in online casinos. By means of streaming video images casino players could communicate with flesh and blood dealers, situated in various live dealer locations throughout the world.

Interactive Gambling
While live dealing appeared to be an instant success, it certainly isn't the only way in which streaming video can be used to enhance the online gambling experience. Online casino giant PlayTech recognized just that when it came up with the TV Games Format, a new interactive way of online gambling.

Play the TV Games
The TV Games are available at the top PlayTech casinos Europa Casino, Casino Tropez and Titan Casino. At the moment the games are supported in ten different languages under which English, Spanish and French. 

For now players can enjoy a standard Roulette game called Club Roulette, and play a French Roulette with the name Roulette Royale. A third game, Double Action Roulette, will have a €1500 prize dished out every next hour and is expected to launch later this month.

Celebrity Presenters
The TV Games can be played simultaneously by an infinite number of players, and are hosted by studio presenters. Among the presenters are some lovely ladies and die-hard TV presenters, with for example former Miss Australia Jodie Geddes and BBC presenters Kay Little and Hannah Peckham.   

When playing the TV Games you'll enjoy streaming video images of the virtual roulette wheel, with the celebrity presenters as live dealers and hosts at the same time. You can interact with the dozens of other players at the tables, view each other's bets and stack sizes, and keep track of in-depth statistics.