Right2Bet Measures Damage Done By Sports Betting Monopolies

Right2Bet Measures Damage Done By Sports Betting Monopolies

Posted on 30/06/10 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

It is commonly known that state monopolies are devastating for the end-consumer no matter what the branch of business, yet various forms of gambling are subject to such measures. Right2Bet keeps the score in the EU sports betting market and measures the damage in hard currency.

Biggest Betting Event Ever
The FIFA World Cup 2010 will be the biggest betting event of all time, with football fanatics from all over the world tuning in to place some action down. Given this situation, the Chinese government decided to heat up the battle against online sports betting.

World Cup Odds Comparison
Right2Bet has measured exactly how much value for money the European customers got at various state monopolies compared to private competitors. Of all monopolies the Swedish state-owned Svenska Spel comes out the worst, providing odds that are 36% worse than those provided by the average private bookmaker.

In practice this means that if a Swedish gambler bets $10 on every correct outcome of the first 14 World Cup matches, he'd be $76.80 worse off than at a private online bookmaker. Other state-owned bookmakers that provide dramatic odds differences are the German 'Oddset', the French 'PMU', and the Dutch 'De Lotto'.

Devastating Results
Online gamblers at state-owned monopolies are on average 20% worse off than customers of private bookmakers. Right2Bet wants to use these hard numbers to show consumers, policy makers and regulating bodie, how the lack of competition leads to draconian deals for EU customers.