Software Update - Great Improvements at Intercasino

Software Update - Great Improvements at Intercasino

Posted on 13/09/08 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Not so long ago Intercasino launched its new online casino software, therewith adding some interesting new possibilities that truly enhance the ease of playing online casino games.



Calendar View
One feature that really helps you to keep track of the loads of promotions that take place at Intercasino, is the calendar function. In this way one can view exactly on what date which promotions, tournaments, or other interesting activities are scheduled.



Intercasino's Inbox
If you happen to have forgotten to check the calendar on a regular basis, the newly added inbox function will prove of great value. With this function all your casino related e-mails are accessible from one central point, providing a nice overview of all general promotions and the promotions that specifically apply to you.

Cashback Club
The new software update is mainly focused on drastically improving the orderliness of the casino lobby, as also appears from the next new feature called the Cashback Club. This is a special tab in which you can see exactly how many game points you have earned and how much bonus money you will receive at the end of the month.

Help Tab
The last new feature is the help tab, which immediately tells you the relevant e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, and a call-me-back button. With the adding of all these useful new features, we share the opinion that the number of reasons to play at Intercasino have increased even more than proportionally!