Spanish Online Gambling Market is Ready for Collective Regulation

Posted on 28/07/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

The Spanish Government is tolerant when it comes to the industry of online gambling. The realization of a collectively regulated online gambling market is closer than ever, and international gambling giants are lining up to tap into the massive Spanish gambling market.

Sunny Gambling Climate
The gambling climate in the sunny Spain has never been extremely stringent, yet with the current developments the online casino industry can even better provide its services. With the jointly developed regulation in sight, online casino operators like William Hill and Bwin are already starting joint ventures and negotiating deals in order to make a head start when the ball starts rolling.

IGB España
With the expectation of a fully regulated and licensed online gambling market, iGaming Business is planning a new event to spread valuable information on how to succeed in the Spanish gambling market. IGB España will take place at the end of October in the capital Madrid, and is expected to draw people from all over the world to learn about the Spanish market opportunities.

More Responsible Gambling Environment
The developments in Spain are a good example of how a more tolerant policy towards online gambling will eventually lead to a better organized, more efficient and more responsible gambling environment. Unfortunately some countries take the opposite route, as we saw earlier by the way Russia is planning to deal with the game of poker.