The Market for Mobile Casino Gaming is Rising

The Market for Mobile Casino Gaming is Rising

Posted on 25/03/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Back in December of 2008, All Slots Mobile Casino was launched and their journey into the mobile gaming industry has been a big success so far. They have seen significant growth within the market and there is potential for even greater opportunities down the road.

iPhone Gaming
All Slots Mobile casino is the first casino operator to offer players the complete casino experience through web applications and they take advantage of the iPhone's distinctive touch screen technology where games can operate both in the upright and widescreen position. On the iPhone, players have access to casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, the Major Millions progressive slot, Tomb Raider(TM) and also Royal Derby.

Royal Derby is a very unique horse-racing game that is new on the market. It offers players an exciting alternative to the traditional casino games as the goal of the game is to identify the winning horse using the relevant information that is supplied to you. There are four stages in the game starting with horse selection, placing the bet, the race animation and the result display.

Platform Expansion
But mobile casino gaming isn't for just the iPhone. With the success of the mobile casino, casino applications have also been introduced to the popular Blackberry and Android devices. Players can enjoy 16 great games from the mobile gaming leader Spin 3 while All Slots Mobile Casino supports over 1,200 mobile devices for awesome on-the-go gaming.

In this day and age, it should come as no suprise that mobile gaming is on the rise. Smart phones are leading the way and it has become very normal for people to chat, social network, email and now even play mobile casino games via their phone. Transfers are secured with the latest encryption technology and you have almost no danger of getting viruses or spyware on your mobile phone, which is a very big plus.

Lots Of Choices
But we do understand that mobile gaming might not be for everyone but the great thing is that you have choices. People who are more comfortable behind their pc can go to any of the great online casino rooms on the web to get their game on, while those who tend to be "on the go" can access a mobile version like All Slots Mobile. It really doesn't get any better than having choices and flexibility like this when you are a player...