My Slot - The Slot that Suits You

My Slot - The Slot that Suits You

Posted on 20/12/08 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

How many slots are there available in the endless sea of online casinos? Hundreds, Thousands, or Hundreds of Thousands? With All Slots Casino's new and fully customizable "My Slot" the answer to this question becomes obvious: infinitely many!

Check it Out
With the cutting edge My Slot online slot game, playing slots really gets personal. To see what My Slot is all about you could best try your luck at All Slots Casino, where this fascinating new game is already up and running.

Not Your Average Slot
When starting to play My Slot the game just looks like any other regular slot game, with thirteen different symbols, a standard background color and a tune playing in the background. What makes My Slot so special is that all of these features can be customized to match your own preferences.

Possibilities are Endless
First of all you can change the background color and the background tune to something that better suits your style. The best feature although is that you can change all of the 13 standard symbols into whatever picture you have available. So you can make yourself a specially designed slot, or you could even make some of your loved ones a specially designed slot as a Christmas present!