The Top Ten Gambling Nations in the World

The Top Ten Gambling Nations in the World

Posted on 16/08/11 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Consulting group H2 Gambling Capital has released its latest rankings for the top 10 gambling countries in the world based on gambling losses per adult.

The list by H2 Gambling Capital is for 2010 and contains some surprises, as some of the biggest gambling markets in the world such as US casinos and UK casinos don't crack the top 10.

Top Ten Gambling Countries

1. Australia - Losses per adult: $1,288

2. Singapore - Losses per adult: $1,174

3. Ireland - Losses per adult: $588

4. Canada - Losses per adult: $568

5. Finland - Losses per adult: $553

6. Italy - Losses per adult: $517

7. Hong Kong - Losses per adult: $503

8. Norway - Losses per adult: $448

9. Greece - Losses per adult: $420

10. Spain - Losses per adult: $418

There aren't too many surprises in the bottom half of the list, as Spain and Greece are countries that are well-known for their love of gambling, but Canada at #4 is somewhat surprising, as it doesn't have quite the reputation for gambling that Italy, Greece, Spain, and Nordic countries do.

There's a large jump up to Singapore in the #2 slot, over twice the average loss per adult that Ireland has in #3. Live casinos have just arrived in Singapore the last few years and the trend seems to be to make up for lost time with lots of gambling on games such as baccarat and slots common in Singapore.

Australia retains the dubious crown of the "top" gambling country, with each adult citizen losing on average nearly $1,300 in 2010. Not exactly a surprise as Australians are known for their love of betting on horse races as well as casino games, lotto, and poker.

It remains to be seen if changes on the online front impact the rankings next year, as Italy ha finally allowed online poke sites to now offer cash games and Greece is quickly moving to regulate online poker and casino games in the hopes of generating additional tax revenues.